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Publicity Photos Publicity Photos 206180979 206180980 206180981 206180983 206180984 202912458 205240018 202912456 205240021 202912455 202912457 202912459 26492132 26679994 26492133 Painted Portrait by Laurence Moulin Contemporary French painter, Laurence Moulin, painted this portrait of Douglas Hedwig in January 2009. 26680257 Painted Portrait by Sukning Kan Chinese-American painter, Sukning Kan, painted this portrait of Douglas Hedwig in 2009. 26680258 Trumpet Professor at Brookyn College Professor Douglas Hedwig, with Brooklyn College Library tower in background. 26963285 Portrait Photo by Rob Gibson Photo taken using original camera and film developing techniques of 1865. Photo shows Douglas Hedwig dressed in the clothes typical of a mid-19th century post horn soloist. 26681059 Concert Poster Concert Poster for solo recital by Douglas Hedwig at Brooklyn College, City University of New York. 26681060 Benge Trumpet Clinician Advertisement from International Trumpet Guild Journal. Douglas Hedwig was a paid trumpet clinician for Benge Trumpets, and played Benge Trumpets exclusively. 26681061 Clinician Photo for Benge Trumpets 26961972 Solo Artist with Arts Resources Management 26962007 Solo Artist with Arts Resources Management 26962008